• Every Man for Himself

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian El Paso del Norte.the Jornada del Muerto.Tiguex.Santa Fe: The trip that for Don Juan de Onate was a weeks-long ordeal up the Rio Grande on the Camino Real in 1598 for me is an hour and twenty minute flight, including twenty minutes on the ground at Tiguex (better known today… Read More

  • Night Vision

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian “I hear thunder,” Ivalene said in a puzzled voice, looking up to the blue sky stretched tight across the great canyon. “How could there be thunder?” Will Ford demanded. “There isn’t a cloud in sight. They must be blasting somewhere close by to here.” “So how could they be blasting,… Read More

  • The Grave Robbers

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian From the dry wash where they sat in camp chairs beneath an improvised ramada built of box-elder poles with armloads of cut greasewood laid on top, they could just make out, through the brush that obscured the wash, the wide shallow cave thinly arched across the enigmatic yellow face of… Read More

  • Trench Warfare

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian War-talk was running high when they threw the loaded packs in back of the Gold Pony and left Flagstaff, headed north across the Navajo Reservation. Television and the newspapers had nothing to say about anything except the towering evil of Hubbub Ihnssain, while National Public Radio had suspended “All Things… Read More

  • Western Sunset

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian Lynette Lyon Hollow liked money. Because she had never had any of her own before, though, having it around made her nervous, and so she spent it whenever she saw something she thought worth spending money on. When more money kept coming in anyway than went out, she spent faster… Read More

  • Western Swing

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian The Hollows, Hasty and Happy, hardly ever knew where they were. At times, they did not know who they were, either, but it never mattered for them because they were very, very rich. Hasty was from Chicago originally, Happy from Mississippi where she had earned half a degree from Ole… Read More

  • Fire On the Earth

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian The old man had understood since the summer of ’88 that pigs are afraid of fire. He’d been in the pig business only three years, following his retirement from the Union Pacific Railroad, when the uncured hay in the haybarn combusted spontaneously, the barn exploded like something on a movie… Read More

  • The Man in the Black Hat

    Excerpt from The Hundredth Meridian From where the boy’s wagon was parked Laramie Peak, which from every other perspective appeared in some degree or another triangular, had a rounded aspect suggesting the crown of a tall black hat. The wagon stood braced on the summit of a low hill rising from a rolling plain dotted… Read More

  • The Hundredth Meridian

    Articles from a column by Chilton Williamson, Jr. in Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture Nonfiction: Every Man for Himself Friends at a Distance A Sinner in Paradise The Phantom Horse Green Hills of Grayest Sand The Mysterious Mountain A Journey to the Bottom of the World How The West Was Won – Again Two… Read More