October 19, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson


Four years after Donald Trump was elected President and months away from the end of a highly successful and consequential presidential term, some things have not changed since 2016. Among them: The Democrats are still talking about Russia. They are still talking even about impeachment. And the Swamp is still chugging, sucking, and bubbling away, after four years of strenuous presidential effort to overcome it. In fact, it has risen and expanded to flood the basement, the lower storey, and the grounds of Casa Biden in neighboring Delaware, where it is making a foul and stinking mess and annoying the neighbors. The truly remarkable thing is that, so far anyway, the Democrats aren’t blaming President Trump for his legendary incompetence in preventing Biden & Son from misbehaving partly on his watch. Trump did, after all, promise to Drain that Swamp—almost the only promise he made during the campaign that he hasn’t kept yet. (The other is to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.)

Perhaps the Democrats’ seeming confidence that they are on the point of defeating the Orange Monster two weeks from now is allowing their natural sense of fair play to reassert itself. Vladimir Putin might have warned Trump of what the Bidens were up to, but the Democrats have never let him play with Putin. Alternately John Brennan, formerly Director of the CIA, might have given the President the tipoff.  Or James Comey at the FBI. But they were too busy trying to overturn an election to pay attention otherwise to the Oval Office. The New York Times could have sent a man to Ukraine, and another to China, to investigate the Bidens’ shenanigans in both countries and report their findings to President Obama, who would have been certain to pass them on to his successor in the White House. Vice-President Biden might have forgot momentarily that he was planning to run for president, or even that he has a son, and gone to President Trump some time after the inauguration with what he knew–or anyway, what he recalled of what he knew. After that, the scandal would have been up to the Chief Executive to deal with. Of course, none of these things happened, and the new President was left to feel his own way through the swamp, unguided: away from the Burisma wells clattering deep in the prehistoric muck and with only  swamp gas to light the path.

Fair or not fair, the Democratic Party is forgetting two things. The first is that gas of any kind is a highly combustible quantity. The second is that the safest way to drain a swamp is to explode its poisonous atmosphere first.