• The Revenge of the Confederacy

    The American political divide is no longer between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals, religionists and secularists.  It is between roughly two halves of the country, each of which would be perfectly happy to see the other wiped, by violence if necessary, from the face of the earth.  That was not how the North and the… Read More

  • The Meaning of Decadence

    When people speak of a society being “decadent,” they commonly understand decadence in terms of standards of personal behavior and the sense of morality, or want of it, that behavior expresses. For conservatives, personal morality begins with sexual morality grounded in revealed religion; for liberals, with what they call an “ethical” approach to human relations based on equal… Read More

  • 4.0 and You’re Out!

    WHEN I WAS A JUNIOR at the Trinity School in New York, Mr. Clarence Bruner-Smith, head of the Upper School, assured me that I had an excellent chance of being accepted at Yale if I accepted the editorship of the school literary magazine. I thought that a ridiculous reason to be accepted anywhere, and that… Read More