• Enclosure

      Late in the afternoon of the day before the final day of elk season I parked the truck and trailer above Blue Jay Creek north of Krall’s ranch and rode into the mountains against a cold wind and the lowering sun. In spite of having been kicked on the cannon bone in her off… Read More

  • More at Sea; Arrival at Southampton Docks a Half-mile from where Titanic Sailed


  • The Real Neoliberals

    The events surrounding the British general election on December 12 and the impeachment of President Trump last week greatly clarify the political situation in the Western so-called democratic countries–the so-called Anglosphere most of all perhaps– at the end of the first two decades of the 21st century. Just as the interior of the modern cruise… Read More

  • Home From the Sea

    My apologies to subscribers for the silence of the past week. WiFi aboard ship was unable to handle photos and videos, and in London we lost contact entirely with Verizon. Below are pictures of the North Atlantic Ocean in mid-December, as Queen Mary 2 rode out a week of gales and one violent storm. At… Read More

  • Shipboard Today

    The modern passenger liner is very different from the ship of yesterday. For one thing, she is not referred to by the general public as “she,” which some people have even claimed to be “sexist.” For another, passengers are now referred to by the owners of shipping lines as “guests,” which is stupid, untrue, and… Read More

  • At Sea

    Aboard Queen Mary 2, west of the tail of the Grand Banks of Newfoundland, approaching the grave of Titanic 12000 feet down. We should pass very close to her. Violent storm, 11 force winds. Worse weather expected tomorrow. Nature’s mirroring perhaps of the political storm in Great Britain?

  • Irregular Postings the Next Two Weeks

    I shall be at sea for seven days, in England for three days after that, and traveling in the US for two more days. The British election next Thursday will occur while I’m in mid-Atlantic, and unable to post. Britain will be an excited place when we dock in Southampton three days later, no matter… Read More

  • Western Swing

      The Hollows, Hasty and Happy, hardly ever knew where they were. At times, they did not know who they were, either, but it never mattered for them because they were very, very rich. Hasty was from Chicago originally, Happy from Mississippi where she had earned half a degree from Ole Miss. In the days… Read More

  • Work Suspended

    (Author’s Note: In Wyoming We Eat Elk for Thanksgiving Dinner) If compensation is possible for a summer so brief that the growing sea­son is limited to 55 days at best it’s the most beautiful Indian summer on earth, climaxed by elk season in the last two weeks of October. While friends of mine, here and… Read More

  • Mohammed Contra Mundum

    Somehow public discussion in America at any given time is almost never about what really matters at the moment. Or, on the rare occasion that it is, it is done in a disguised way and using disguised terms. The political philosopher James Burnham, in his book The Machiavellians, explained the two levels on which an… Read More