• Pensée

    Pensée The left never forgets what it views as an outrage, nor forgives what it feels as an injury. It has the memory of the elephant, without his intelligence. 28 September 2019

  • More Conservative than Thou

    Someone has sent me a link to a recent article in the Washington Postby George F. Will, the noted columnist and Puritan atheist divine. It was kind of him, but misguided. The title of the piece is “‘National conservative’ policies are full of oxymorons.” Will’s complaint (he complains a lot) is that “national conservatives,” including Tucker… Read More

  • The Liberal Church in Arms

    Evelyn Waugh characterized the Second World War as the modern age in arms. What we currently observe in “the Anglosphere” –as the French call it—in Washington and Westminster is the church of liberalism in arms. On the American side of the Atlantic, it is at war with President Trump; on the European one, with Brexit…. Read More

  • Écrasez l’infâme!

    Voltaire’s infamous summons, considered a thrilling call to battle two centuries and a half ago, was at least more stimulating than his rather incompetent and very dull little novel Candide,  read today by almost no one though the Bernstein opera is occasionally resurrected. For Voltaire, “l’infâme”was the Church of Rome and the civilization to which it… Read More