• The Signs of the Times

    It has been many years since I last saw bedraggled men on street corners wearing sandwich boards or holding up signs prophesying the imminent end of the world. Perhaps this is yet another symptom of the further decline of the Christian faith in America. It is Christianity that introduced into the world the concept of… Read More

  • Scherzo

    I am busy setting up an account with MailChimp, the marketing platform, to handle the automatic transmission of blog posts to my subscribers.  They are said to be the best in the business but the name also tickles my fancy, calling to mind the spectacle of scores of millions of chimpanzees busily emailing notes to… Read More

  • The Giants Are NOT Coming

    The Democrats are pretending that they are acting from a position of overwhelming strength in their impeachment charade against the White House. In reality, this political war so far is really a phoney war they dare not raise to the level of an active one by holding what the obstructive Remain Parliament in Westminster would… Read More

  • Pensée

    Genius is 10 percent perception, 90 percent receptivity.

  • A Tale of Two Constitutions

    Liberals can talk all they want to about liberal democratic capitalism being the future of the world.  If only for their own good, however, and that of their country they ought to ponder more deeply than they have done so far on the significance of  contemporary social and political events in Great Britain and the… Read More

  • Pensée

    The Left’s condemnation of previous generations for not being liberal, anti-sexist, and anti-racist (etc.) is as reasonable and fair as it would be for Christians to condemn everyone who lived in the millennia before Christ for not having been Christian.  

  • Pensée

    It used to be ignorant Birchers and equally ignorant and uninstructed people of the lower middle-class who feared the Russians and were obsessed by them. Now they’ve been replaced by liberals, bien-pensants generally, and the Democratic party. I think these people want Stalin back. 14 October 2019

  • Beto at the Border

    I heard from my Mexican-American friend, Sócrates Villa, today. He phoned around mid-morning from El Paso and we spoke for 90 minutes. Sócrates is having a frustrating time getting his volunteer immigration patrol brigade started on the Rio.  Several days ago he put out an emergency call to the five young men he’s succeeded so… Read More

  • A Bronze Age Education

    Two more people, the fifth and fourth respectively, have been sentenced to prison for their part in the fraudulent college admissions conspiracy.  A wealthy California vintner, who’d sought to have his daughter admitted to the University of Southern California as an accomplished water polo player, will be sent to prison for five months. Another California executive… Read More

  • Pensée

    The European Union: Making Europe safe for bureaucracy. 6 October 2019