• Greta Is Happier

        I read in the press recently that Greta Thunberg is “happier” these days, according to her father. That is news her critics should not be begrudge her or anybody, though happiness is of course a relative thing. Greta will never be “happy,” since happiness is clearly beyond her reach and probably her desires… Read More

  • Pistols at Cockcrow

    The modern world doesn’t teach many lessons worth learning. One of the few that is worthwhile is: “It’s later than you think.” For the past 14 months France’s so-called périphérie has been warring, politically and culturally, with the country’s municipalities since President Macron increased the fuel tax as a means to reduce pollution and help… Read More

  • The New Censorship

      Censorship takes many forms.  One of them is political correctness, which stifles words deemed unacceptable to those whose watchword is “unacceptable.”  That is the face of vacuous Leftism.  It is now difficult to have a rational conversation on “nativism,” the so-called “far right,” and  “nationalism.”  Anything involving “race” is out, because the word encourages… Read More

  • The Human Tide

        The global warming debate ignores population growth.  Yet the rapidly growing numbers of human beings in Africa and Asia, all with demands for food, energy, resources, and sheer space must have a serious and lasting effect on the planet.  There is a clear and present link between those numbers and the planet’s chances… Read More

  • Rolling Polarization

      The British, including British  conservatives, don’t like Donald Trump anymore than Continentals do. Ben Riley-Smith, the U.S. editor for The Daily Telegraph, predicted at the start of the President’s impeachment trial in the Senate  that Americans would be glued to the television broadcasts for the duration of the proceedings. Of course, the majority—probably the… Read More

  • Buchanan v. Trump?

    For the past three and a half decades, Pat Buchanan has been right—“right” in the sense of “correct” as well as of “to the right”—on every subject I can think of.  He has been right  about the critical danger illegal immigration poses to the United States, and the need to reduce legal immigration drastically in… Read More

  • Harry

    ‘He was a kind of nothing, titleless’: that was the exiled Coriolanus, as viewed by an old friend.  Prince Harry has been forced to give up the use of his title, His Royal Highness, as has his wife Meghan.  Much more painful is the loss of his military patronages.  He was Captain General of the… Read More

  • Fallen Walls

      I studied the weather for four days before making a break for the south, slipping between the winter storms along ice packed roads wreathed with snowflakes across sun-glazed plains in the direction of the Salt Lake Valley where much of the snow had evaporated under a stiff north­westerly wind and horses and cattle at… Read More

  • L’Affaire Markle

    The British monarchy is not glamorous, nor is it intended to be. It is ceremonial; not at all the same thing.  The British public is devoted to its royalty as an institution, and to the Royal Family themselves. But it does not look to them as a source of  vulgar entertainment. Instead it sees the… Read More

  • Il Miglior Comunicatore

    A revealing moment occurred last night on “The Story,” when Martha McCallum put up on the screen  a pair of TV clips in sequence. The first showed  Ronald Reagan, the Republican candidate for president,  speaking on October 19, 1980 on the need for strength as a prerequisite for establishing and maintaining peace; the second President Donald… Read More