• The Good Citizen

    Clarence will vote again for Donald Trump this fall, as he did four years ago. By mail of course.

  • Letter from England

    At this time of stress, I turn to the King in Blackadder 1: ‘I like not this news!  Bring me some other news!’  And being King, he does indeed get the better news that he has ordered.  (Lord Wessex is not dead.)  We are all hoping for a stay of execution on the symbolic Lord… Read More

  • The Great Dictator

    For the first time since I saw it at around the age of ten, I’ve watched The Great Dictator, made in 1940 and starring Charlie Chaplin who also wrote the film and directed it.  It is a ridiculous effort, poorly scripted and badly acted throughout from the leading man and lady (played by Paulette Goddard, his… Read More

  • Pensée

    “When we talk about this idea of ‘reopening society’ you know, only in America, does the President, when the President tweets about liberation, does he mean go back to work. When we have this discussion about going back or reopening, I think a lot of people should just say ‘no,’ we’re not going back to… Read More

  • Letter from England

    Boredom is setting in.  I turned over without reading the first 12 pages of the Telegraph yesterday, before coming at p.13 to something that interested me (on Macron).  I simply can’t take the repetitive drivel with which the reporters and columnists meet their quota.  It must feel like the Gabelle. On TV, my regular habit… Read More

  • Beyond Originalism

    An excellent essay by Jonathan Culbreath (“In Defense of ‘Common Good’ Constitutionalism”) that appeared in Crisis Magazine last week sent me to its subject–“Beyond Orginalism” by Adrian Vermeule, published in The Atlantic’s issue dated 31 March, 2020—that I should otherwise almost certainly have missed. Professor Vermeule, a Catholic, is Professor of Constitutional Law at Harvard;… Read More

  • The Invasion of the Plague Bearers

      The Austrians used to say that the situation is ‘hopeless, but not serious’.  Covid-19 leaves people stranded in mid-adjectives.  If Central America goes on the march, with untold numbers fleeing the pandemic and taking their troubles to the gates of America, then the outlook is bleak indeed.  The point is coming when the West… Read More

  • “Just Let the West Do It!” (Postscript to “The Next Wave”)

    The inevitable argument is already being made that the price Europe will need to pay in order to save herself from being overrun by African refugees from the pandemic is massive shipments of medical supplies south of the Mediterranean and huge diversions of financial aid there.  So far, no suggestions are heard as to where the Europeans… Read More

  • The Next Wave

      China may be facing a second wave of viral infection. In one or two European countries, patients thought to have been cured of the coronavirus appear either to have become reinfected or—what is more alarming—to have relapsed after having thrown off the virus the first time. There is also concern around the world that… Read More

  • The Second Sleep

    “Apocalypse now,” past or coming, is a favourite theme with writers.  Robert Harris is the latest to touch on it.  He is a highly intelligent, best-selling novelist whose successes started with Fatherland and its story of a Germany undefeated in the Second World War.  Harris describes the handsome dwelling he bought on the proceeds as… Read More