• The Globalist Disease

    Democrats, liberals, and Trumptrollers have been concentrating  their destructive efforts on the President’s handling of the pandemic, confident (or pretending to be) that his alleged failures in this area are the key to defeating him in November. Their less noisy line of attack is to paint the protectionist economic and trade policies that defined his… Read More

  • With Jeb Stuart in the Rocky Mountains

    Horses, like people, are naturally lazy and essentially perverse, habitually unready or unwilling to do what duty requires. Nevertheless, in midafternoon of this hot still day on the desert, mine came willingly enough when I called them, perhaps in hope of double rations or else recalling idyllic mountain parks and alpine basins covered with the… Read More

  • Memorial Day: A Minority Opinion

    No humane and spiritually generous person would deny the reality of the sacrifice made by American troops from the beginning of the Republic down to the present day, nor the bravery they showed in making it—and whether or no they returned home from the battlefield alive, or died upon it and left their bones there…. Read More

  • Obama Begone

    Fifteen years after Barack Obama won election to the United States Senate, and almost three and a half since he left the presidency, there is no discernible reason why the country should pay any further attention to him. He has done little since January 20, 2017 but loaf, preen, travel internationally, earn and spend huge… Read More

  • It’s Not Easy Being European (Union)

    Le Figaro, the French daily newspaper, is holding up better than any I read regularly under the blanketing tedium of the universal sickroom in which we’ve all been quarantined  for the past few months, and the still worse monotony of the ceaseless and trivial squabbling among politicians jockeying for strategic and tactical advantage outside it…. Read More

  • End of the Double Lockdown

      For the past couple of months, Americans have been living under two lockdowns. The authorities insist that the first of the two–involving executive orders that citizens “shelter in place”or “self-isolate,” that businesses close their doors and furlough their staffs, etc.–is all about controlling the pandemic. The other, more recent one is the conspiracy of… Read More

  • Navajoland 2

    We’d gone barely 25 yards when there was a feeling of the woods dis­solving around us, and then we were hanging our toes over a bare rock ledge where the world dropped away. From 20 miles out Black Mesa appeared to float in space like a long dark cloud bisected by a pillar of dust… Read More

  • The Real Crisis is NOT Covid-19

    We are experiencing the most critical period in American history since 1945, and perhaps even the War Between the States. The crisis is a triple one: of public health, the economy, and the Constitution. The last of the three is also the greatest. The country has recently learned that the highest levels of state, including… Read More

  • Navajoland 1

      In the American Southwest nothing looks to be of a piece but the landscape and the infinity of sky overhead. The vast frame of the earth and the geomorphic scheme that shaped it lie plainly revealed through a scrim of sparse vegetation so that a single landmark is sufficient to supply, organize, and integrate… Read More

  • Restless Natives

    Liberals, Democratic governors especially, are unhappy with the latest eruption of “populist” resistance to the nation-wide lockdown that keeps ordinary people from working, earning a living, paying their bills, paying off their debts, and living ordinary human lives. To them the protesters are troublemakers bent on monkey-wrenching  the carefully balanced policy machine set in place… Read More