• It ONLY Happens Here

      Except when liberal internationalists and imperially minded neoconservatives wish to  shame Americans by comparison (“Look what wonderful welfare and healthcare systems they have in Europe!,” and “We need to give those poor people a democratic government!”), or the United States is threatened directly from abroad (“The Russians are going to invade Europe after electing… Read More

  • Hobbles and a Bridle

      Neither Art Antilla nor I felt like getting drunk. We stood away from camp on the cliff edge above Devil’s Hole Canyon, drinking black coffee while the Commissary Commandos huddled around the camp­fire with their whiskey bottles and someone pitched a bowling ball over the talus slope to the creek bottom 800 feet below… Read More

  • Trumpism Is Here to Stay

    Today’s Le Figaro (27 July 2020) carries a short article by Loris Boichet reporting a new study that claims to show a shift in political opinion in France from the center to the center-right. According to Jérôme Fourquet, the author of the report, 13 percent of the French electorate locates itself on the left, 32… Read More

  • Perfect Man, Perfect Society?

    My book of daily meditations for today (22 July, Wednesday in the Sixteenth Week of Ordinary Time in the Roman Catholic calendar) cites a passage from J. Urteaga’s book, Man the Saint. It reads: “Develop your character, your human faculties: develop them to the utmost degree. Everything which curtails your expansion, which limits your development,… Read More

  • Who Is the most Dangerous of Them All?

    The American Establishment seems virtually agreed that China (after President Trump) is the principal and most dangerous enemy of the United States, against which it warns us almost daily. This opinion is in line  with the Establishment’s historical preference to locate the greatest threats to the country somewhere conveniently beyond its own borders. China, for… Read More

  • The Home of the Brave

    Vague and acrid as the ocherous smoke drifting in scarves and shoals from fires burning across the West, the specter of Range Reform pervaded the Rocky Mountain states last summer. In drought years, ranchers must move their cattle rapid­ly off one pasture and onto the next to prevent them from biting down the sparse short… Read More

  • Online Again

    My apologies to subscribers and readers who have been unable to access chiltonwilliamson.com and The Divide Blog for the past week. We have been offline owing to complications resulting from a change from one host company to another, but hope to resume postings within the next 48 hours. Many thanks meanwhile for your patience. Chilton… Read More