• Always Trump!(His fault…)

    Last Saturday night a man was shot dead in a street battle between left- and right-wing groups in Portland. The former appear to have been the usual “peaceful demonstrators”—including members of Antifa–recognized by representatives of the media and by Democrats. The latter were supporters of President Trump who arrived in town in what has been… Read More

  • Even if Trump Loses (But He Won’t)…

      The political realignment in America that  began to appear several decades ago as a web of crazed faults across the American political landscape before widening and converging to deliver a violent tectonic shift when the Republican National Convention nominated Donald J. Trump as its candidate for President of the United States in 2016 continues… Read More

  • The Spirit of Our Age (and the Infantile Intifada)

    There are very few American magazines today that seem to me indispensable to an understanding of contemporary events and the human situation in America and the world today. The first and most important of them is First Things, a monthly publication that considers religious issues in the context of political and social questions to which… Read More

  • The Democrats, the FBI, and the Legacy of 2016

    Joe Biden has hinted that President Trump, if defeated in November, might refuse to vacate the White House. The Democrats are determined carry the election by hook or by crook: harvesting votes, employing outdated voter rolls, and other forms of voting fraud, abuse of the mails, and similar stratagems–whatever victory appears to them to require–while… Read More

  • Tocayo 2020

    Nearly forty years ago, Sandown Books published  a fascinating, moving, and utterly compelling memoir called Tocayo, by Antonio Navarro.  The author was a Cuban refugee living with his family in New York City and a vice-president of  W. R. Grace & Company at the time. Twenty years before, he had played a perilous  role as… Read More

  • The View From Mt. Nebo

      Last summer this expansive sagebrush basin at the lower end of the Wyoming Range suffered the annual encampment of the Rainbow Family of Living Light, spawn of our congestive and confused civi­lization. Fifteen thousand strong, they organized themselves according to their vari­ous pursuits: drinking, drugs, nudity, fornication, and–for all the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Department… Read More

  • Ourselves as Others See Us

    Like an insecure woman perpetually obsessed with what others think about her, though in fact people hardly ever spare her a thought, the United States from the beginning of her history has been a highly self-conscious society, always imagining that the eyes of the world are upon this bold new experiment in self-government. She has… Read More