• Government by Retread

      It is notable, and telling, that almost all the relatively young and responsible political talent in this country today is to be found in the Republican Party. While the Democrats have their share of new and youthful faces, the majority of these belong to the party’s highly irresponsible—in fact clinically insane—progressive wing. The supposedly… Read More

  • President Trump Should Not Sit Too Long

    Barring some radical and comprehensive discovery—or, which is more likely, revelation—in the near future President Trump should probably concede the presidential election sooner rather than later. I can think of several reasons why he should. One is that Rudy Giuliani has failed to produce anything resembling sufficient evidence that the election was stolen by the… Read More

  • Still the Stupid Party?

    American conservatives today think of the late Samuel T. Francis when they hear the words “the stupid party.” In fact, the author of the phrase was not Sam but James Fitzjames Stephen, the British lawyer, judge, and writer in the middle and latter part of the 19th century, who invented it to designate the Tory… Read More

  • Political Character in America

    In a world full of annoying things, one of the most annoying is the compulsion on the part of writers who agree with Donald Trump on many or even most matters and think his administration has been “consequential” (a much used adjective in the context) to hasten to add that the man himself is coarse,… Read More

  • For Democrats, Biden’s “Dark Winter” Comes Early

      As I write this, the presidential election has yet to be decided, but the outcome won’t alter the fact conservatives have much more to celebrate than liberals—many of whom will remain stunned and inconsolable. After all, this election was touted by mass media and progressive elites as the official start of a hard-left political… Read More

  • Aiming for 20-20 in 2020

    If Donald J. Trump has truly lost the election, that will signal two things. The first of them is that America is unworthy of the man, the best president since John Quincy Adams: that the majority of the electorate lacks the imagination, the stamina, and the courage to comprehend Trump’s agenda, to stick with it,… Read More

  • Driving Mr. President

    Watching clips of Joe Biden on election night I wondered: Is this man, who may be sworn in as our 46th President in two and a half months’s time, mentally competent to hold a driver’s license? If not, will he be permitted to renew his current one anyway next time around when it expires? If… Read More

  • Notice to Our Subscribers and Other Readers

    Apologies for my recent absence from this blog. My wife and I took a few days’ vacation last week and returned late Saturday morning to confront a sudden and unexpected family tragedy. The election ensued 40 hours later. Once the results of the vote yesterday become clearer, and I’ve had time to consider their implications,… Read More