• A New Year–Happy or Not

    As the presidential election of 2020 drew closer last summer many people, most notably  Michael Anton in The Stakes, predicted  that it would be the most crucial and consequential one in the history of the United States. The election has come and gone now, and we have the results–uncertain and ambiguous as many of them… Read More

  • What the President Should Do Now

    Donald Trump accomplished too much during the primaries of 2016, his campaign for the presidency, and his  four years in the Oval Office for me to believe accusations from both Democrats and Republicans, the right and the left, that whatever he does is “all about him.” Indisputably, Trump has a powerful feeling for the dramatic,… Read More

  • The Donkeys’ Joyless Victory

    The Democratic response to the result of the 2020 election—the defeat of the man who for every Democrat, liberal, progressive, and revolutionary in America had been Public Enemy Number One these four years past—has been an amazingly cheerless one. Journalists, including those in the conservative media, had predicted that, should Joe Biden win, massive manifestations… Read More

  • How the Election was REALLY Stolen

    I am too ignorant (entirely so, in fact) of how computer systems work and how they can be rigged, of polling and ballot procedures, and of how votes are counted and reported to the election authorities to have an informed opinion about whether the election this year was electorally stolen or not, though the proliferation… Read More

  • The Greatest Reset

    According to Justin Haskins, the editorial director of the Heartland Institute, in a recent article published at The Hill John Kerry, the Climate Envoy-designate for President-elect Biden, confirmed at a meeting of the World Economic Forum last month that the incoming administration will support the so-called Great Reset, the most ambitious international project since Noah, his family,… Read More

  • Biden’s Immigration Policy: The Ultimate Super-spreader

    With the return of a Democratic administration,  the Democratic Party’s liberal immigration policy as it has stood since the election of 2000 will come with it.  Joe Biden and his people have made clear that they will reverse President Trump’s restrictive program entirely, slacken control at the border, restore the old catch-and-release program and relax… Read More