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America Is Back: No One Cares

March 2, 2021
Author: Chilton Williamson

President Trump was loudly criticized during his four years in office for insulting our European “allies,”  and otherwise damaging the Western alliance. Now he is gone, and his successor in the White House is insisting—at equal volume—that “America is back” in the world at large, Europe especially. As it happens, now that Washington is once… Read More

Trump or Biden: Who is the Real Traitor?

February 21, 2021
Author: Chilton Williamson

Former President Trump stands accused by the Democratic Party, the left, and weak-minded members of his own party and administration of inciting a crowd of his supporters to riot on January 6, thus precipitating an “insurrection” and the invasion of the sacred halls of the Capitol and Congress, the “people’s house.” Well before election day… Read More

President Biden: One Month Out

February 17, 2021
Author: Chilton Williamson

After one month at sea the Biden administration is handling the predictable heavy weather just about as any reasonable person might have expected it to do, given the course on which it set itself— the exact opposite of the one the Trump government plotted four years ago. Like Christopher Columbus, Trump aimed to discover new… Read More


February 14, 2021
Author: Chilton Williamson

Rep. Eric (“God herself”) Swalwell (D. Calif.) believes that God is a woman. Are Chinese women really that good in bed?

It’s Scoundrel Time Again

February 11, 2021
Author: Chilton Williamson

Democracy in America in the 20th century has been periodically threatened by latent mass hysteria that has broken surface on three major occasions. The first was the Red Scare of 1919-1920 that was fired by popular fear of Bolsheviks, anarchists, and labor unions, and culminated in the three Palmer Raids against the Union of Russian… Read More