February 3, 2021
Author: Chilton Williamson

Anticipating a warm welcome by the incoming Biden administration, a new caravan of “migrants” set out from Honduras on a northward trek toward the United States even before the inauguration. This, like every previous caravan, was organized and sponsored by the leftwing organization Pueblo sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders. A more accurate name for it would be Pueblo sin Todo, as borders are far from being the only civilized institution it doesn’t recognize; among them, that of government, corporate, and private property.

Illegal immigration, whether one tries to legitimize it as “migration” or not, is a blatant act of trespass on property not one’s own. There is absolutely no difference in principle between breaking into someone’s else house and someone’s else country, a nation being  owned collectively by the citizens who founded it, built it, fought for it when necessary (often under compulsion), sometimes died for it, and supported it by contributing tax revenues  to its government. The conviction, held by a majority of modern secular liberals and also churches, that individuals, groups, and peoples from every country have the  right in natural law to scheme and force their way without permission into another country, settle themselves there, and demand the rights and privileges of its citizens, including the right to local, state, and federal support, is an act of wholesale criminal appropriation that cannot be justified legally by appeals by the appropriators—even by some of the appropriated—to the doctrines of natural law, universal human rights, global solidarity, liberalism –classical or otherwise—and Christianity, whatever so many of the Christian churches, and the Catholic Pope, have  been arguing for decades.

Every country (patria in Latin) is a fatherland; a word that implies, logically and in fact, a patrimony (patrimonium), defined as the common heritage of a human collectivity, to which its descendants are morally entitled and which, therefore, the nation’s governors—its recognized “fathers” at any given moment in history– have no right to deny their posterity by transferring it  to aliens, especially when these are the mass equivalent of criminal housebreakers. As with heads of individual families, a country’s governors are morally and legally entitled to make contributions from the household surplus to worthy charitable ends (the equivalent of giving the crumbs under the children’s places at table to the little dogs), but not to the extent their doing so weakens or destitutes the national family, or destroys the national household by overcrowding, over-exploitation of resources, and otherwise despoiling it of the loveliness that Burke said was necessary to our country if we are to love it. Yet that is what Western liberals, in politics and out of it, have been doing since World War II, and what the Biden-Harris government has signaled its willingness to continue to do by following the tradition (unbroken in this country save by President Trump) for the past half-century.

Democrats and liberals have still not got over the shock (or claim not to have) they experienced at the spectacle of Trump supporters (and some violent opponents of theirs) breaking into the “sacred” halls of the “People’s House” last January 6th, an act they denounce as a spiritual profanation. They have nothing to say—and never will have– against the prospect of several thousand Hondurans, organized by a left-wing Third World group, marching north to break their way into the United States and, by synecdoche, through the front door of every private home in America (every American’s castle), except to encourage, applaud, and reward it.