November 11, 2020
Author: Harlan Edmonds


As I write this, the presidential election has yet to be decided, but the outcome won’t alter the fact conservatives have much more to celebrate than liberals—many of whom will remain stunned and inconsolable. After all, this election was touted by mass media and progressive elites as the official start of a hard-left political revolution that would culminate in the mopping-up of the last dwindling pockets and institutions of traditional America.


Like barefooted Confederates at Appomattox, the Deplorables were foreordained to doff their MAGA hats, furl their banners, and limp off to generations of richly deserved political disenfranchisement. Then, a new Reconstruction was supposed to usher in a post-American America based upon the enviable Chicom model of a shotgun marriage between doctrinaire socialist collectivism and monopolistic crony capitalism, all presided over by a permanent regime of one-party rule.


Talk about failure to launch. Instead of a post-election Age of Aquarius, we all awoke to a redoubling of the Trumpian status-quo ante, in which a solid half of the American People declined to buy what the progressive vacuum-cleaner salesmen were pushing. Merely by standing fast, Republicans exceeded expectations almost everywhere, while Democrats had their sky-high hopes dashed back to earth.


There was no Blue Wave. Not even a Purple Ripple. In a nightmarish reprise of 2016, the mainstream pollsters and pundits immolated what remained of their tattered credibility on the pyre of 2020’s increasingly suspicious election returns. Once again, a 6% or more Democrat lead in the polls evaporated, as once again, the Bad Orange Man overperformed. Joe Biden’s “dark winter” is now inescapable as the “Hope and Change” crowd finds itself too embittered to be soothed, even by the silver lining of a very possible, though late and ugly, Biden victory declared by the courts.


The continually emerging headlines of mainstream media reports and editorials tell a story of spilt milk and spoiled tempers: “We Waited in Vain for a Repudiation that Never Came” sulked an editorialist at The New York Times.“Trump’s Huge Vote Total Breaks my Heart. I Recognize This is America, but I Wish I did Not” lamented another in USA Today. Not to be outdone in the collective pout, a writer for Time fussed: “Even If Joe Biden Wins, He Will Govern in Donald Trump’s America.”


Democrats spent a record $14 billion on this election and what did they get? After betting their party’s future on the assertion that America is racist, and the Republican Party is demographically doomed, hard evidence to the contrary is closing in from every quarter. As of this writing, not one Republican incumbent lost reelection to the U.S. House, while 15 Democrats were unseated by Republican challengers who were either women, racial minorities, or military veterans. It has also come out that Mr. Trump won more minority votes than any Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon in 1960.


Exit polls show that in comparison with 2016, GOP support among black women doubled from 4% to 8% and from 13% to 18% among black men. The GOP share of Hispanic women went from 25% to 28% and from 32% to 35% among Hispanic men. As defined by the New York Times, the GOP share of the LGBT vote exactly doubled. And yes, Mr. Trump’s own support among white women increased from 52% to 55%.


The only major demographic Mr. Trump declined with was among white men (62% to 58%). The inability of liberal commentators to cope with the complete inversion of their narratives of racial and identity polarization have prompted them to mint laughable headlines like: “Exit Polls Point to the Power of White Patriarchy” (New York Times); “U.S. is Weaker Because Voters Didn’t Repudiate Xenophobia” (CNN); “If Donald Trump Wins a Second Term, Blame White People” (CNN again); and in USA Today: “Let’s Face it Democrats: We’re a Center Left Party Hijacked by Trump and the Republicans.”


With winners like these, who needs losers? Trump-hating Democrats simply won’t be satisfied with a White House bully pulpit and the power to countermand and replace his Executive Orders because they had their hearts set on so much more that is now beyond their reach. For, even if the cognitively disintegrating Joe Biden manages to eke out 270 electoral votes, poor President Harris will find herself stuck with a U.S. Senate still in Republican control, thwarting all their plans to add new Democrat states to the Union, pack the Supreme Court, abolish the electoral college, defund law enforcement, and pass socialist boondoggles of the New Green Deal variety.


The Kamala cackle will ring hollow, if at all, as she prowls the executive mansion in self-pitying bitterness. Where once the wildly popular Donald Trump had merely to fend off charges of illegitimacy based on evidence of Russian interference that never materialized, the Harris-Biden administration can only emerge and exist under a permanent cloud of demonstrable mass voter fraud in every location they needed it.


(This article first appeared in the Wyoming Tribune Eagle.)