December 20, 2019
Author: Chilton Williamson

My apologies to subscribers for the silence of the past week. WiFi aboard ship was unable to handle photos and videos, and in London we lost contact entirely with Verizon.

Below are pictures of the North Atlantic Ocean in mid-December, as Queen Mary 2 rode out a week of gales and one violent storm. At times the swells reached a height of eight meters. “Were we aboard a smaller ship,” Captain Christopher Wells said in one of his noon reports from the bridge, “you’d know all about it.”

Beginning tomorrow a resumption of commentary concerning this over-politicized ball we all inhabit. Meanwhile, one thing is certain. Boris Johnson’s landslide following the Remainer Establishment’s attempts to thwart Brexit augurs very badly for The Democracy’s prospects in 2020. My impression, received from conversations in London and articles in The Daily Telegraph, is that Remain is resigned to defeat. By the time we arrived in town, the few demonstrations against Brexit were exhausted.

I have never posted photos and videos before. These seem to be taking their sweet time in uploading. My apologies if they take an equal amount of time to download, and swamp your system. An experiment that may not be repeated.