June 20, 2020
Author: Ralph Berry

‘Black Lives Matter’ has now revealed itself, easily recognizable as a
protection racket.  In return for acknowledging the sins of the
long-dead past, the slaves’ descendants will accept ungraciously
COMPENSATION from many banks, institutions (etc) that benefited from
the slave trade.  The Elephant and Castle will be re-named because it
was the logo of the Royal African Company. And of course protection
rackets work.  That is why they exist.  When Douglas Murray wrote
recently that ‘black’–like gay–is in fact a political ideology he got it only part right.  Black is an
investment that will pay good returns for many years to come.  It
should be listed on the Dow and FTSE.

I watch the news but see no sign of the Cenotaph being unboarded.  The
PM is making a parade of his determination that Churchill will never
be removed.  But that is not the point.  In this endlessly oblique
country of political correctness, the Cenotaph is infinitely more important than Churchill.
This is a culture war.  It has already been won.
The Salisbury Review likens the scene to the Titanic movie, when the
band keeps playing while the waters flow into the hull.

Trump is now, I read, ‘unfit for office’.  That simple charge will in
my view secure his re-election.  The US has  had it for candidates who
were fit for election, and proved it by getting elected.  And then…? Trump is no
Buchanan Mark II.  He will have grasped a great truth: The black vote
is significant but not interesting.  That is because 90% will vote
Democrat.   It does not matter what he and Biden will say or do.  So
Trump will weigh them by the pound but see no reason to throw
incentives at them.  Over the combatants will be waved the magic wand
of the goddess Laura Norder.