April 21, 2020
Author: Ralph Berry

Boredom is setting in.  I turned over without reading the first 12
pages of the Telegraph yesterday, before coming at p.13 to something
that interested me (on Macron).  I simply can’t take the repetitive
drivel with which the reporters and columnists meet their quota.  It
must feel like the Gabelle. On TV, my regular habit is to switch on
for the headlines, and switch off thereafter.  Still, things are
easing.  There is talk of hairdressers coming out of purdah.  To
think, that I can get a haircut!  Why should the gals have it all?
Home deliveries have now re-started, and I got in a large case of vino
from my Italian supplier Giordano.  Life here is quiet if dull.  Now
that Boris is back to something like rude health we can expect some

I rejoice at the freedom movement in the States.  Trump is winking at
them, which shows his instinct for the pulse of the people.  The whole health crisis is
overdone.  For example, some weeks ago I was complaining that the
country was being put through the mangle to elongate the lives of a
handful of elderly fatties.  Today I read that this is literally true:
Overweight patients can’t make their bodies help their respiratory
needs.  And the elemental truth cannot be refuted: If we don’t ease up
soon, there won’t be an economy left.

Trump is of course in the doghouse for evermore.  Herd mentality makes
a herd judgment: stay with the herd and you’ll be safe.  Move outside
it and the herd will trample over you.  Trump will be an enemy of the
State till he wins re-election, when many Democrats will tear up on
cue.  The Left never forgives or forgets; same with Thatcher, whom
they hate to this day.  It is easy to be right when everyone you know
says ‘You’re right!’

As always, Harry & Meghan add to the gaiety of nations to keep boredom
at bay.  Their latest is a supreme effort.  They have been going round
LA wearing face masks, which I would have thought rather defeats the
objective of the exercise.  Harry has now given the world his thoughts
on Covid-19.  The current situation in the United Kingdom is ‘better than we are led to
believe through certain corners of the media’.  At this, Professor
Karol Sikora–who is genuinely top man in his field, Dean of the
medical school in the University of Buckingham–fired off a broadside:
‘What are his qualifications for making these comments–other than
deserting his country in its hour of need?’

Well, a rhetorical question.  Here is the rhetorical answer.  Harry
and Meghan have now announced that they are no longer on speakers with
four tabloids who have defamed them: the Daily Mail, Daily Mirror,
Daily Express, and the Sun.  They have cut off all communication with
the journalists of those newspapers.  Do the excommunicated tremble?
Hardly.  They will now turn with renewed zeal to making trouble for
the dauntless duo.  Those who live for publicity will die by it.
Still, I do hope it lasts for a while longer.