November 23, 2019
Author: Chilton Williamson

Somehow public discussion in America at any given time is almost never about what really matters at the moment. Or, on the rare occasion that it is, it is done in a disguised way and using disguised terms. The political philosopher James Burnham, in his book The Machiavellians, explained the two levels on which an ideological argument is stated. The superficial one offers the poetic, or indirect, statement that conveys the “formal” meaning; the subsurface one the  literal, or “real,” one. As The United States becomes progressively an ideologically driven society, American public discourse is increasingly conducted on formal terms. The more politically sensitive the subject under discussion or debate, the more formally is it handled by politicians and the media. As no subject in this country today, as in England and France, is more sensitive than immigration, so no subject has been treated more formally–that is, less frankly–in these three countries until quite recently. Last week Crisis, the conservative Catholic magazine, published an essay by William Kirkpatrick entitled “Europe is Falling to Islam. Will America?”

Appearing in a Catholic magazine especially, the question represents a striking “descent” from the formal terms in which we are used to hearing immigration policy discussed to the real ones that describe and confront the realities of a social political, and religious crisis that faces the Western nations. Mr. Kirkpatrick addresses them boldly, even, in the rhetorical context of our time, bravely. He begins by describing the process of Islamization in Britain, where “Islamophobia” has been declared a crime and criticism of Islam “hate speech;” crimes (including those committed against young British girls) have been deliberately ignored by the police; a Jewish blogger was arrested recently (by a Muslim officer) and jailed for discussing Islam in unflattering terms; and the Labour candidate for Prime Minister is closely associated with members of Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, and the government of Iran. From Britain,  Kirkpatrick looks across the Channel to France, where anti-Christian and anti-Semitic attacks by Muslims have  increased dramatically in the past three years and journalists have watch their step more carefully in writing on the subject than hoodlums from Algeria and the Maghreb stalking their victims in the streets of Paris and the southern cities. A couple of years ago Gérard Collomb, then France’s Interior Minister, remarked that “Within five years the situation could become irreversible….[France has only a few years] “to avoid the worst.” But what, Kirkpatrick asks, of the United States, which never colonized Muslim countries and is thousands of miles farther off from Africa and Asia than France and the United Kingdom?  Well: “If Democrats should retake the government, it’s a sure bet that the promotion of Islam which took place under Obama, and which suffered a partial setback under Trump, will once again become a top priority.” Thus spake President Obama: “[T]he future must not belong to those who slander the Prophet of Islam.” Kirkpatrick reminds his readers that John Brennan ordered Robert Mueller’s FBI and the Department of Defense, among other Federal agencies, to inculcate in their trainees the official view of Islam as  “a model cultural-religious system.” Under Obama, all the major Islamic activists organizations made great advances. Several years on, the Democratic Party is wildly further left and more anti-American than it was when Obama was president. “And the pace of change is likely to speed up.”

Le Figaro, published in Paris since 1824, is by far the most conservative publication of its kind in the West. As a daily reader of the newspaper, I am well familiar not only with the situation in France that Kirkpatrick describes, but also with the extent to which the country is increasingly resisting and trying to change it. Though Le Figaro’s editorials are brief and pointed, its Premium section carries lengthy interviews, essays, and reviews on every sort of subject; all of them, to an American or British reader at least, refreshingly and bracingly right-wing.  As I cannot possibly get through as many of them as I wish to read on a given morning, I save them under the “Mes articles”  heading.  Last Saturday morning, in a vain effort to catch up entirely, I found that the majority of them concerned Muslim immigration and the crisis of Islam. France has the most immigrants from the Third World of any country in Europe, and is thus in the greatest danger from them. The perception that the Muslims, so far from “assimilating” to the French majority (whatever that might mean), are becoming bolder, more aggressive, more arrogant, and more resistant with every month that passes has become a fixed one. Some weeks ago they, joined with members of the French Left, staged a “manifestation” in Paris in which they condemned the endemic “racism” of the French system and of the French people. For the Muslims and the Left in France, hostility to Islam–anger, that is, at having their country subsumed by Islam into the ummah–is an expression of racism. This makes as much sense as Christian missionaries in Africa in the 19th century claiming (which of of course they didn’t) that resistance to the Gospel offered by the native blacks (including by boiling them in pots and eating them) was racist. But of course, sense has nothing to do with any of this. It is all a matter of raw religious and cultural aggression on the part of the Muslims, and the habitual rage and nihilistic hatred we have come to expect as normal on the Left since the French Revolution.

No culture is more fatally incompatible with Western civilization than Islam, the only possible exception being the Aztec one, if indeed any Aztecs remain. There is only one solution for what is developing into full-blown religious and cultural war, and that is for the Western nations of Europe and North America to shut off immigration from the Muslim countries completely. (No more Tlaibs, no more Omars.) The exception would be Muslims who, because of their colonial history, have a claim to equal citizenship with their former colonizers. Such a policy violates of course, every principle of Western liberal thought, but liberalism is a dying religion which is certain, in any case, to be dealt the coup de grace by Islam once the ummah has triumphed and every kafir put to the sword of the Prophet.