March 16, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

Imagine that the Coronavirus infection had originated in the city of Novosibirsk in Russia, been cynically covered up by the government in Moscow, and had a history in that country and abroad similar to that of the Wuhan virus in China and subsequently around the world. Today President Putin would be Earth’s Public Enemy Number One, and Russia an international pariah. The fact that both President  Xi and his country have escaped international condemnation suggests that nobody really fears either Putin or Russia—knowing that the Russian bear is a paper one–while everyone is secretly terrified of the Peoples Republic of China and of Xi, being quite aware that the Chinese Dragon is capable of anything and thus too dangerous to attack even rhetorically. Powerful evidence that this may indeed be the case is that no group of countries has yet combined to sue Peking in some suitable international forum for financial reparations to cover the astronomical costs to them of the pandemic for which the Xi and the Chinese Communist Party are responsible almost exclusively.

Xi and his government are plainly aware of their responsibility for the catastrophe, as their ludicrous attempts—including the charge that the virus may have been developed in the United States as a weapon of war against the Chinese people, and their equally absurd efforts to convince the world that Washington’s efforts to control the disease and arrest its spread have been incompetent and a failure by comparison with the noble, all-efficient, and omnicompetent People’s Party success in eliminating new cases in Wuhan and elsewhere in China–to refuse culpability show. Throughout the international crisis of the past two months, the Party’s criminal dishonesty and irresponsibility, its behavior in denying the blame that sits squarely on its own shoulders while  attempting to shift it onto those of others, and its resort to the old psychological trick of transference—accusing others of motives and actions of which oneself is guilty–have added shameless and intolerable insult to outrageous injury. A class-action lawsuit brought against China by all the countries so far affected by the Wuhan virus seeking damages for the incalculable economic losses and the human suffering they have incurred would be as legally justifiable and as much a moral imperative as the charges directed by the Allies against individual Germans and their defeated country following World War II were.

Should damages actually be secured from China—doubtless after a lengthy and notorious international trial–the result would be an immeasurable victory in itself. Should they not be, following an equally long and globally publicized spectacle, the effort would at least have accomplished the humiliation of the Chinese nation and its leadership, the priceless discredit to Marxist-Leninist ideology at a time when such a thing is sorely needed (not least in the United States of America), and  a powerful warning to those countries Peking has already succeeded in signing onto its imperialist Belt-and-Road program, as well as to those considering joining them. Ultimately, such a suit might conceivably lead to the bankruptcy and collapse of the new Chinese Empire itself, and the destruction of the greatest hegemonic threat to international security, peace, and prosperity in the third decade of the 21st century.

There is such a thing as war by other means. This seems a more promising one than most.