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The Durham Report NOW: Don’t Let History Repeat Itself

October 9, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

The timing of President Trump’s immediately recent tweets and his abrupt declassification of documents relating to the attempted coup staged in 2016 by the colluders in the Great Collusion Conspiracy was not haphazard, as we have learned in the past couple of days. John Durham, the federal attorney appointed 18 months ago by Attorney General… Read More

But Who Let the Fly In?

October 8, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

The sole excitement during last night’s vice-presidential debate—an incident which I somehow missed–was the alighting of a common housefly on the head of the current Vice-President, where it remained (so I gather) for a minute or so. Owing probably to his thatch of white hair, Mike Pence appears to have missed it as well. That… Read More

The Return to the White House

October 5, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

President Trump expects to be released from the hospital this afternoon and to return to his quarters in the White House, and to work. Democrats disappointed by his recovery should reflect that had his illness incapacitated him for weeks, or proved fatal, their chances at winning the presidential election one month from now would have… Read More


October 2, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

(For the week of September 27-October 3): 1. Mark Twain’s aphorism is behind the times. The Democratic Party is America’s only native criminal class. 2.) The Democratic Party: Its elders are mentally and physically infirm, its middle-aged majority is mendacious and corrupt, its cadet members are clinically insane. 3.)You cannot run a country from “lockdown.”… Read More

Notes on the First Debate

September 30, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

President Trump: The President should have pointed out weeks and months ago that, by comparison with other heads of state, his record in coping with the Coronavirus has been as good as anyone’s, and better than that of some–an important example being Prime Minister Johnson, whose policies have been helter-skelter and absurdly repetitive. The same… Read More