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Letter From England

June 20, 2020
Author: Ralph Berry

‘Black Lives Matter’ has now revealed itself, easily recognizable as a protection racket.  In return for acknowledging the sins of the long-dead past, the slaves’ descendants will accept ungraciously COMPENSATION from many banks, institutions (etc) that benefited from the slave trade.  The Elephant and Castle will be re-named because it was the logo of the… Read More


June 18, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

When conservatives, Republicans, and President Trump advocate smaller government, Democrats and leftists accuse them of wanting to destroy ordered civilization. When violent anarchists burn buildings, loot stores, occupy neighborhoods, and demand the abolition of the police, the same people call them warriors for peace and justice, wishing to promote a “Summer of Love.”  (Jenny Durkan,… Read More

Wyoming Peak

June 17, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

  Twelve hours before the Thomans’ lease expired at midnight, June 30 Mary Thoman and I, accompanied by her niece Karen Thoman from Riverton, loaded three saddle horses into a stock trailer and drove south along the meandering Green River to look for 43 yearlings that needed to be gathered and pushed up to the… Read More

Storm Clouds Over Britain

June 16, 2020
Author: Ralph Berry

  ‘This open and apparent shame’ is the charge Hal brings upon Falstaff.  Falstaff has often been likened to Boris Johnson—both in girth and lifestyle—who is now in dock for a grave offence.  He has allowed the Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, to board up the Whitehall statue of Winston Churchill, together with the… Read More

Make Your Choice and Take Your Chances

June 14, 2020
Author: Harlan Edmonds

  Are you a Bender or a Stander? Haven’t decided? Better start thinking about it while you still have time. Sooner or later, the question will be put to you by the Benders. They never come alone. They operate as a mob, quivering with rage and primed for violence. Their demand is nebulous and open-ended:… Read More