March 8, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

Woman Proposes, Woman Disposes

The London Telegraph this morning (March 7) reports that the American Guild of Musical Artists, a union that represents operatic performers, has  accused Placido Domingo, the Spanish tenor, of  having engaged in “inappropriate activity,” including “flirtation [and] sexual advances in and outside the workplace.” I consider this hard and irrefutable evidence of a plot by #Metoo, conspiring with the abortion and zero-population-growth lobbies, to outlaw the procreative act until such time as the global population (the male half in particular) has fallen to sustainable levels  as determined by Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez and other sponsors  of the Green New Deal.  A possible means to thwart this conspiracy might be for women to agree to take the lead in initiating all future amorous relations between the sexes. No doubt lawyers for these lobbies, joined by attorneys on the payroll of NOW and NARAL, would argue in a court of law that, now and for the foreseeable future, all forms of amore that could potentially result in offspring are reactionary, and therefore illegal. They will probably be successful.


Science v. Scientists

The Left has been exhorting Republicans, people lacking a college education, and other assorted Deplorables to “Believe the Science.” Actually, Americans of all social and educational backgrounds, income levels, and political persuasions remain, as they always have been, highly receptive to and accepting of scientific knowledge–too much so, in fact. It is not science that has provoked their skepticism over the past couple of generations during which leftist scientists and  technocrats have asserted their unique competence to control and direct society without the advice and consent of the unwashed. Apart from reservations concerning certain modern scientific fields, they do believe in science. What they do not believe in, and with good reason, is scientists.


Heil Lenin!

The Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany has won a court battle against the municipal authorities in the city of Gelsenkirchen who had refused to give the MLPD permission to erect a statue of Vladimir Lenin, fabricated in the USSR in the 1930, outside its headquarters. It would be the first statue of Lenin ever erected in western Germany, though of course such statues were ubiquitous across the former GDR. The local council argued in a public statement that “The communist leader Lenin is representative of violence, suppression, terror and immense human suffering. All this makes him incompatible with the free democratic constitutional order in Germany, and means he is a symbol of the fight against and the abolition of our democracy.” The MLPD has described the court’s decision as “a fantastic victory for Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.” This legal, political, and cultural contest, which had been going on for some time, has been settled (for now anyway) against the background of an hysterical campaign against Alternative for Germany, the right-wing party that has been extending its influence in recent years to become in 2017 the first “far-right”party in 60 years to enter Germany’s national parliament; last fall it won two crucial state elections in eastern Germany. A result of its recent successes is the destruction of Chancellor Merkel’s coalition government. Imagine if the AfD sued to erect a statue of Adolph Hitler in a western German town (something it would likely never occur to them to do, as there is no evidence that they admire Adolph Hitler). They can’t even win a democratic election without the panicked German political establishment trying to destroy them.