August 17, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

Joe Biden has hinted that President Trump, if defeated in November, might refuse to vacate the White House. The Democrats are determined carry the election by hook or by crook: harvesting votes, employing outdated voter rolls, and other forms of voting fraud, abuse of the mails, and similar stratagems–whatever victory appears to them to require–while accusing the President and his party of doing what they are doing themselves. “Democracy dies by theft!” they will claim, before November 3–and especially after it, should they lose. In fact, electoral democracy dies in chaos–the condition the Donkeys guaranteed would prevail in 2020 and afterward  by the actions in 2016 of the outgoing Democratic administration and by the actual crimes, as we are learning, perpetrated by the FBI in the final two months of the year and the first three weeks in January 2017.

The Democrats’ refusal and that of their allies in the federal bureaucracies and the media to accept the results of a presidential election, and their determination to hamstring the fairly elected government that resulted from it, ensured that the national election four years later would be contested by the losing party, whether Democratic or Republican. In fact, they guaranteed contestation as a precedent following the presidential election of 2020, and every one to follow for the imaginable future. Just as the established rule and habit in American government had been for the past 250 (with a few exceptions) patient and peaceful acceptance of the results of the quadrennial election, henceforth it will be contestation; some or much of it violent and lasting for weeks, months, perhaps even years after Election Day. The inevitable aftermath of unrestrained anger, demonstration and counter-demonstration, and popular riot–some of it certain to be inspired and guided by politicians and federal officials–will provide precisely the political, social, and mental and emotional conditions in which strongman arise, and from which dictatorships are born. Some Democrats are already anticipating, publicly  and with glee, the summoning of the military to clear the White House of its present occupants on Inauguration Day next January. Do they know what they are doing? Of course they do, because they know what they want from the ensuing crisis and expect to get it: a revolutionary situation in which some Donkey caudillo will arise, seize control of Capitol Hill and the capital city, and assert his authority and power to erect and impose a People’s Democracy along the lines of the People’s  Republic of Cuba established and consolidated by Senator Sander’s hero (one of them, anyway), Señor Fidel Castro.

Thanks to the Democratic Party, Barack Obama’s administration, James Comey’s FBI, and Mssrs. Clapper’s and Brennan’s “security” agencies, the presidential election of 2020 will not be the last such national democratic contest to be staged in America. It will only be the last to present the semblance of  the thing; following which, the Deluge.