September 26, 2019
Author: Chilton Williamson

Evelyn Waugh characterized the Second World War as the modern age in arms. What we currently observe in “the Anglosphere” –as the French call it—in Washington and Westminster is the church of liberalism in arms. On the American side of the Atlantic, it is at war with President Trump; on the European one, with Brexit. On both sides the conflict is another Phoney War, as the largely actionless period during the first eight months of World War II was called. In the U.S., the Speaker of the House of Representatives has declared that impeachment proceedings against Mr. Trump are beginning. In the House of Commons, the Prime Minister has invited the opposition to agree a vote of No Confidence against him, so that he may then call a general election. In the first case, the Democrats are only pretending to begin to impeach while failing to accomplish, or even consider, any other matters of state before them. In the second one, the Opposition refuses both No Confidence and an election, while likewise allowing other pressing business of the House to lapse. This is stonewalling, pure and simple, but not of the sort that gave General Jackson his nickname.

What these tactics most resemble is the sitdown movement, at universities and other public places, that more or less launched progressive liberalism on Western society in the 1960s. It began among the more immature students, and was enthusiastically taken up by many of their professors and other equally immature people who suffered a sufficient degree of self-unawareness to consider themselves adults. Since those halcyon days more than a half century ago, liberalism has only grown more infantile as liberals shrink themselves as Alice shrunk herself in Wonderland. Now it is holding both the Mother of Parliaments and her first-born child hostage. Poor Burke. Perhaps he might conclude, were he sitting in Parliament today, that the French had a more rational agendum in 1789.
26 September 2019