May 5, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

We are experiencing the most critical period in American history since 1945, and perhaps even the War Between the States. The crisis is a triple one: of public health, the economy, and the Constitution. The last of the three is also the greatest. The country has recently learned that the highest levels of state, including the presidency, have been corrupted by criminals and even traitors.

The recently completed Democratic primaries have been exploited by journalists and politicians to  represent Barack Obama’s administration as having been a politically moderate one, not only by comparison with what a Democratic successor is likely bring on but in terms of Aristotelian balance and restraint. Republicans and conservatives who feared the worst when Obama was first elected in 2008—and said so—have been condescended to ever since as reactionary alarmists. Just look what he might have done, as the agenda of the new progressive Democratic candidates suggest—but didn’t do! The Republican Party on the other hand, by nominating and electing Donald Trump as President, thus radicalizing members of the opposition party (Obama’s Vice-President included), have only themselves to blame for the present enflamed political situation.  The most recent disclosures made last week by the Department of Justice concerning l’affaire Flynn should dispel forever the myth of Barack Obama’s “moderation,” and that of his presidential inner circle. Andrew McCarthy, adding this new evidence to what was already known about the case, has done a brilliant job of piecing the full story into a coherent and convincing narrative that appears to explain the facts as we have them so far.  First published as an article in National Review, it has subsequently been posted on the internet.

As McCarthy says, the “what” of the matter has long been known: The FBI trapped General Flynn into making misstatements about his wholly conventional conversations with Russian Ambassador Kislyak regarding American economic sanctions that it could plausibly present as lies that would support a perjury charge and even perhaps prosecution, accomplishing in this way his removal as the new President’s National Security Advisor. The “why,” however, has never been satisfactorily explained. It is now. The Agency’s objective was decided in collaboration with officials of Obama’s administration in its last days in office. These included the President himself, Vice-President Biden—currently preparing to run for president himself against President Trump!—Susan Rice, Flynn’s predecessor in his job, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, and James Comey, then Director of the FBI. The four met at the White House on January 5, 2017 to lay their plans. Later Rice drafted a memo summarizing the meeting. “President Obama said,” she wrote in part, “he wants to be sure that, as we engage with the incoming team, we are mindful to ascertain if there is any reason that we cannot share information fully as it relates to Russia.” She composed the memo, McCarthy notes, on the 20th of the month, as the FBI was preparing to get Flynn ousted from his job. The purpose of this collaborative effort was to ensure that the agency’s investigation of President Trump’s relations with the Russians would continue after the inauguration; fatally impeding the new Administration’s efforts to govern–and to reverse its predecessor’s policies especially–while continuing to ferret out the impeachable offenses it was confident of finding.  By ridding the White House of Flynn, the conspirators supposed, they would be depriving it of its sole politically experienced hand, one whom they expected would prove loyal to the Chief Executive, not the FBI and the Deep State. Afterward, nothing would be easier than to arrange for a successor from the Swamp to succeed him. In planning and springing the trap, the FBI acted with the reckless audacity of Adolf Hitler during the Beerhall Putsch. (In Hitler’s case, audacity backfired.) In order to avoid being expressly denied an interview with Flynn, it ignored its own rules by going around the White House by not informing it of the meeting and deliberately deceiving Flynn into supposing he was being thoughtfully included in an innocent collegial chat while assuring him he had no need to arrange to have counsel present. “It was the same reasoning,” McCarthy observes, “they’d used in July 2016, when Comey gave his infamous press conference about the Hillary Clinton emails investigation, in violation of Justice Department guidelines: If you ask permission to do something that is against the rules, you might be told no; but if you just act audaciously, your superiors might not like it, but they’ll have to accept it—otherwise they’ll look like they’re obstructing the FBI.”

The conspiracy against General Flynn and a legally and democratically elected administration is an act of treason that calls for numerous criminal prosecutions of high government officials, among them a former President and Vice-President of the United States, resulting in huge financial penalties, disbarments, and imprisonment. Failure by Attorney General Barr, the Justice Department, John Durham, the FBI, the federal courts, and Congress to prosecute and punish those found guilty to the maximum  extent of the law would be the greatest calamity to befall the Republic since 1789. It would amount to shredding the Constitution of the  United States in the glare of international electronic publicity and severing the bonds that connect the hundreds of millions of loyal American citizens with their national government, with incalculable and unimaginable results.