October 5, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

President Trump expects to be released from the hospital this afternoon and to return to his quarters in the White House, and to work.

Democrats disappointed by his recovery should reflect that had his illness incapacitated him for weeks, or proved fatal, their chances at winning the presidential election one month from now would have been drastically diminished. Were I a betting man, I’d wager that Trump will be reelected President on November the third. Should he be replaced on the ticket for one reason or another by Vice-President Pence, however, the odds in favor of the Biden-Harris ticket would likely plummet nearly to zero.

With Trump off the ticket, there would be no sensible or plausible reason for any liberal or moderate Republican voter, and almost any independent one, to vote for a presidential candidate with obvious dementia and a vice-presidential one who is the most radical person ever to stand for the office. Indeed, conservative Democrats alarmed by the prospect of such a harnessed pair , even one from their own party, pursuing a political agendum largely set by Bernie Sanders and his youthful band of merry socialists might easily prefer to have Mike Pence in the Oval Office. In these circumstances, a ticket headed by the current Vice-President and his running-mate (strategically selected with the most meticulous care) would almost certainly defeat the Democratic one by a landslide.

President Mike Pence would certainly be a come-down for the anti-liberal and conservative forces whom Donald Trump has represented, truly and effectively, for the past four years. On the other hand, he–like the rest of the GOP–has learned a thing or two about liberals and liberalism during that time, just as Trump has become enlightened regarding the value of Christian conservatism. After four years of all-out political battle, the preferable choice—were it a matter of choice—would be to risk all to win all once again, as the GOP was forced to do in 2016, by gambling a second time on Mr. Trump. As things stand, of course, choice will have nothing to do with it. Trump’s recovery ensures that he will be the candidate to go against Joe Biden next month. I believe he that will win. Win or lose, his party and his non-party supporters will continue to have an epic fight on their hands. So, of course, will their opponents.