June 4, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

While the causes of the latest upheaval in the United States are too numerous to list and even to recognize, the two main factors are as obvious features of the social and political landscape as the Rocky Mountains and the two oceans are of the geographical one.

The first is the combined haste and thoughtlessness with which the United States of today was assembled. The first law of American liberalism since the 1960s  is that “Diversity”—racial, ethnic, religious, cultural, and social diversity—“is our strength.”  Americans before that time believed the opposite and frequently said so, but behaved as if they didn’t by cobbling together over a couple of hundred of years a jerrybuilt continental and extra-continental empire from whatever territories and people stood to hand with no concern or consideration for anything but the most immediate benefits anticipated from expanded size, enhanced power, the acquisition of natural  resources, and endlessly increasing opportunities for expanded trade and for financial and industrial development. The result is a monstrous, sprawling, and ever-rising bread pudding baked to be eaten by hundreds of millions of people annually but as themeless as Winston Churchill’s infamous dessert. Since so few Americans share a  taste in anything these days apart from money, mass entertainment, and sex, one might suppose that a  pudding without a theme would agree exactly with the national palate.  That, clearly, is not the case. The United States taken as a whole has no idea what it wants, but it does want whatever it wants relentlessly, illogically, and uncompromisingly. Mental asylums are filled with the same sort of people, but they aren’t allowed beyond the gates and they certainly aren’t permitted to vote (yet).

The second cause of the current unpleasantness is that American liberals, now usually referred to by the mot du jour “progressives,” have decided that they needn’t—in fact, they shouldn’t—recognize a

democratically elected administration that has been voted in by electors who are democrats–but not liberals. In the second half of the 20th century conservative Americans, including the conservative wing of the Republican Party, liked to speak of the need for “a choice, not an echo.” Liberals and Democratic partisans never opposed that option as theoretically unsound or immoral. Instead they voted for the “choice,” and left it to unwashed, hard-hearted, bigoted, ignorant, and anti-intellectual proletariat to pull the lever on behalf of the “echo,” however unsatisfactory they found it. Save for the barbaric  elections  that saw off the heroic revolutionary Sixties by twice sending the reactionary, red-baiting, and blue-bearded ogre Nixon to the White House,  the liberals (and liberalism) made out pretty well politically in the circumstances–until Donald Trump descended his gilded escalator in 2016.

Trump–never an echo in his rhetoric or in his proposed policies, on the campaign or in office—has been an existential challenge for liberals and progressives from the beginning by calling their choice-echo bluff, thus forcing them to show their true colors, all in various shades of red and pink. Were they sincere democrats or uncompromising ideologues determined to have their morally and politically enlightened way, no matter how undemocratic that way might be?  They have now answered their own question (as if they didn’t know it  from the start) in the most stark and public manner possible. Immediately after the election, and working at the highest levels of government in complicity with the outgoing Chief of State and his Vice-Chief,  they began by plotting a coup against the President-elect months even before he took office.  Since that effort failed so spectacularly, they have been trying to convince the majority of the American public—mainly by lies—as the next election approaches that the incumbent administration is incompetent, criminally and dictatorially minded, and needs to be resisted and overthrown by the “the Vote.” But we had a vote four years ago, with results liberals have been refusing to recognize so far as they can avoid doing so. Should the same voters go to the polls five months from now and reelect Donald Trump—what then? What rude Strzoks  and Pages are even now slouching about in the front offices of the FBI, preparing to guarantee that “HE SHALL NOT SERVE AGAIN?”

The liberal-progressives are correct in claiming that the American polity is smashed and that the country—riled and confused by mainly left-wing demagogues and agitators, the mental and emotional stress caused by three months of “self-isolation,”  by present joblessness, and by the prospect of future unemployment and global recession —is on the way to becoming ungovernable. The future is thus unpredictable. Save for one thing: The Lib-Progs will fight to keep it that way, until they have reestablished themselves securely as its undisputed and unchallengeable governors.