March 30, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson


In one of P.G. Wodehouse’s stories  Gussie Finknottle, the newt fancier, exclaims, “If only the world were a newt!” Loathers of the class Reptilia may find this a repulsive thought, and one can argue convincingly that a racialist is indeed a species of reptile. In which case, it is beginning to seem that the world, being racist, is also reptilian.

We have all been appalled, over the past several months, by those terrible people— Republican politicians, mostly—who insist on calling Covid-19 the “Wuhan virus,” or the “Chinese virus.” Now, unknown so far to Americans (racist and otherwise), Africans in the 14 countries on the Continent currently infected by the virus have begun referring to it as “the white people’s disease.” As reported in Le Figaro in Paris (March 28),  the Senegalese paper L’Évidence  has claimed that the two cases reported in the country were “tous des etrangers,” clearly traceable to “la colonisation économique” and, before that, to “la traite négrière” (the slave trade). A video (filmed by a French person, perhaps not surprisingly) describes the coronavirus as having being “made in France” by the Pasteur Institute as a means to take a huge profit from a vaccine against it. Acts of aggression against whites have been perpetrated as a result of these accusations, resulting in a document published on March 18th by the United Nations citing acts of verbal and physical violence—ignored by the local security agents—against Europeans employed by the UN and other organizations and warning members of  its staff based in Senegal and Gambia to be careful where where they go and exercise “extrême vigilance,”  while taking other advisable precautions.

According to police records in New York City, no verbal threats or physical attacks by the natives against the residents of Chinatown, and the even larger Chinese community in Queens, have been reported.