February 21, 2021
Author: Chilton Williamson

Former President Trump stands accused by the Democratic Party, the left, and weak-minded members of his own party and administration of inciting a crowd of his supporters to riot on January 6, thus precipitating an “insurrection” and the invasion of the sacred halls of the Capitol and Congress, the “people’s house.” Well before election day last year Joe Biden broadcast his intention, as President, to amnesty 11 million immigrants living illegally in the United States (that number, which has been cited for decades by pro-immigrationists, is almost certainly somewhere between 20-40 million), to cancel his predecessor’s restrictive policies, and to welcome a vastly greater number of foreigners into the country in a time of nationally high unemployment and an international pandemic. The almost immediate result was the formation in Honduras of several caravans of “migrants” encouraged by the left-wing organization Puebla sin Fronteras and heightened expectations among multitudes around the world but mainly in Central America and Mexico, where hundreds of thousand of people waited to come across the border into the United States, legally or not. Now the Biden administration is allowing the first applicants for asylum into California to make their case on American soil. His administration is also in the process of neutering ICE, preparing to invite previous deportees  living in Mexico to return to the United States, and has announced that illegal immigrants in this country will not be deported for felonies and other crimes including drug-related ones , drunk driving convictions, simple assault, and crossing the U.S. border illegally, which under President Biden will cease to be a misdemeanor. What the new administration is doing, in point of fact, is to encourage the de facto invasion of the United States by masses of immigrants from wholly incompatible and relatively uncivilized countries and cultures who have no business here except to exploit the prosperous and still free society that Americans have built over a period of centuries. So far, it has not met with much opposition from the opposition party, whose Old Guard is still treating Donald Trump as if he remains the greatest threat the Republic faces.

Here is the present situation as a probable majority of  Washington politicians see it. The “desecration” of the People’s House by a relative handful of American protesters is the worst thing that has happened to this country since Pearl Harbor. A repetition of the event must never, ever occur again. The truth, as half the American people know, is that Congress is not the People’s House; it is the politicians’ house. The nation itself—the United States of America— is the People’s House: the 50 federal states lying beyond the periphery of the District of Columbia where several hundred millions of Americans live, and that the new Democratic administration not only refuses to defend and protect from unknown millions of aggressive and rapacious invaders but is actually prepared  to surrender to them. The American political establishment by and large agrees that Donald Trump committed treason in his address to the “mob” of several hundred thousand overwhelmingly peaceful people gathered in support of him. “If this be treason”–then what else is as well?

The new President and his administration are acting with obscene haste and suspect enthusiasm to reverse their predecessors’ immigration policies. What explains this breathless rush? There is only one plausible answer. It is that the Democrats and their allies have always been convinced that Trump and his 74 million voters are vicious racists and white supremacists whose resistance to more immigration from the Third World is an expression of  their desire to Make America White Again. For four years, the Democrats and the left have seethed with anger and frustration, awaiting their chance to have their revenge on white America by throwing wide the gates and overwhelming it with people of color—whose votes they expect to receive tomorrow, the day after, and forever.

But hate is never conducive to clear thinking; and so the newly “empowered” left shows every sign of  living for the political moment and ignoring, in its triumph, the biannual campaigns that begin one year from now. It is always possible, of course, that they expect to have  gained the power to cancel them by then.