March 27, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson


Since the age of total warfare and national mobilization began early in the last century, politicians have imagined it useful to invoke war as a metaphor for every one of their enterprises  they wish public behavior to conform to. Thus, in addition to military war itself, we have had the war on poverty, the war on drugs, and so forth. Now we are told we are fighting a war on a virus.

This of course is dishonest propaganda. In going to war, politicians—and everyone else—expect casualties. Yet the so-called war on the Coronavirus won’t hear of such a thing. In a real war, a country drafts its healthiest and fittest young men and sends them off to be sacrificed to the God of War. In its resistance to Covid-19, by contrast, national governments are refusing to sacrifice the elderly and unfittest in the interests of national economic well-being, and even survival—the cause for which so many wars have been fought over the millennia. One might argue that, in a good cause, language and logic may properly be abused. But that is the argument of modern barbarians. Civilization depends upon utter clarity in both things.

Resist the disease—yes. But resist also intellectual dishonesty and calculated muddle-headedness in high places.