July 18, 2020
Author: Chilton Williamson

The American Establishment seems virtually agreed that China (after President Trump) is the principal and most dangerous enemy of the United States, against which it warns us almost daily. This opinion is in line  with the Establishment’s historical preference to locate the greatest threats to the country somewhere conveniently beyond its own borders. China, for example, is 7,250 miles distant from the U.S. by airplane. It is true that Peking is out to dominate the world, which means–first of all–displacing, and if possible wrecking, the present Master of the Universe. Additionally, it has acquired the ability to deprive Americans of a significant percentage of their medical drugs and supplies should it wish to do so; a fact it manages to keep us in mind of, without employing it as an explicit threat. And it has contrived to infect us with Covid-19, which looks increasingly likely to have been developed in Wuhan as a weapon of biological warfare.  Nevertheless, the People’s Republic of China remains 7,250 miles away. The People’s Republic of the United States of America is right here in our faces, and it is growing–a malignant tumor–and gaining political and cultural traction every day to the point that it may well win a national election three months from now. How does a giant battling a cancer in its bowels prevail against another giant armed with a mace and cudgel?

Doesn’t the Establishment read the domestic news stories regularly? I assume so, since it writes  the large majority of them. If it does, it must be as aware as the rest of us are that the Enemy is Us–or at least fifty percent of Us. So why is it inviting Us to a (restrained and even polite, as political correctness dictates) Public Hate aimed at China and Chinese Communist Party?  I suggest two reasons. The first is that to confront the PPUSA is nothing short of…McCarthyism!!!, that uncouth ogre that was finally defeated only in the national election of nineteen-sixty. The other is that, should the national government admit to itself and everyone else that violent domestic totalitarianism is by far the greatest threat to America, it would have to do something about the monster–namely, destroy it. And that is a fight it either doesn’t really have the stomach for, or feels it can’t win.